Domestic line


    Steam cleaner with continuous flow is perfect for all types of spaces, including many types of business applications.
    The availability of the trolley make this system perfect for a variety of jobs.
    Using steam is an effective and environmentally friendly method of cleaning hard surfaces.

    Technical details

    Pressure (bar):
    230V AC / 50 Hz
    Total Power Consumption (W):
    Boiler Power Consumption (W):
    Iron Power Consumption (W):
    Boiler material:
    Stainless Steel AISI 304
    Boiler volume (l):
    Tank capacity (l):
    Steam production:
    continuous flow
    Boiler Steam temperature:
    Water pump power:
    48 W
    Water level alarm:
    visual and acoustic
    Pressure indicator:
    Low tension voltage on handgrip:
    9 V
    Heating time:
    5 minuti
    Power cable:
    (230 V) 7 m - (120 V) 5 m
    Steam regulation on steam hose:
    Dimensions (LxWXH):
    D.450mm X H.330mm
    Net weight (kg):
    7,70 solo macchina
    Steam EV1 (gr/min):
    60 gr/min
    Steam EV2 (gr/min):
    72 gr/min
    Steam EV1+EV2 (gr/min):
    90 gr/min
    Certification Reached:

    Depending on the voltage and the tension (power) of the destination country it's possible to customize the features of the machines.

    Steam accessories
    • Anti-limestone
    • Iron-rest
    • Bag
    • Bottle
    • Weed killer
    • Drain opener
    • Pad for rectangular brush
    • Pad for triangular brush
    • Steam iron
    • 39 cm floor steam mop
    • Funnel
    • Grey nozzle
    • Aluminium nozzle
    • Black nozzle
    • Nozzle with brass tip
    • Towel
    • Microfiber cloth for floor mop
    • Microfiber cloth for wall mop
    • Extension
    • Teflon iron shoes
    • 35 cm Spatula for windows
    • Grey spatula for upholstery
    • Black upholstery spatula
    • Rectangular brush
    • 40 cm rectangular brush
    • Rectangular brush with steel bristles
    • Rectangular brush with brass bristles
    • Rectangular brush with polyester bristles
    • Rectangular brush with soft bristles
    • Triangular brush
    • Triangular brush with red polyester bristles
    • 30 mm small brush with steel bristles
    • 30 mm small brush with polyester bristles
    • 38 mm small brush with polyester bristles
    • 38 mm small brush with steel bristles
    • 38 mm small brush with brass bristles
    • 38 mm small brush with steel bristles
    • Small brush with brass bristles (various sizes)
    • 60 mm brush with black polyester bristles
    • 60 mm brush with red polyester bristles
    • Plunger
    • 25 cm window cleaner with spatula
    • Extension pipes
    • 2,45 m Steam hose
    • 5 m steam hose
    • 25 cm extention pipe
    • 25 cm Wall steam mop